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“Let’s see who the real Boss is!” Kassouf vs. Matuson


On February 2nd , Will Kassouf and Stacy Matuson are set to engage in a heads-up grudge match which fascinates the entire poker world.  

The bitterness and resentment have been stewing for months, some feeling Kassouf’s antics were all a part of the game, while others thought he stepped over the line.

Stacy stating to Kassouf “This is a trophy you can’t buy” fired up emotions from their mutual journey at the 2016 WSOP and got them both pumped up for their heads-up.

The bout will be best of three, start them with 5,000 in chips, and subject players to a one-minute shot clock.

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The Grudge Match:

Watch the events leading to this intriguing heads-up: Video                          

Kassouf vs Matuson – Full Article    

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