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Casino Bonus Dictionary – All about Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonus Dictionary, Bonus Definitions and Terminology

Casino Bonus Dictionary

Bankroll (BR)

A players bankroll is the entire amount of money that they have available wager at casinos. It includes everything in their Neteller account, as well as any money they currently have deposited at various casinos.

Bonus Account

A handful of casinos put your bonus money in a separate account from your real money. Players are required to meet a certain WR on the bonus account money before they are allowed to transfer those funds to there real money account.

Bonus Code (Coupon Code)

Many casinos require players to enter a special bonus code in order to claim a bonus. And If a new player doesn’t get to the Gambling Hose website by following a link on the site, the only way we get credit is if that player enters bonus code. Most sign up bonus codes, when applicable, will be noted on each casinos review page on casinopokercoin.com.

Cashable Bonus

A Cashable bonus is the most common type of bonus. Cashable bonuses can be freely cashed out once all applicable terms and conditions have been met.

Casino Review

Relewant detailes of the Casino.

Loyalty Points, Comps (Comp Points)

Most Casinos offer players a comps point program, this points are awarding for every bet the player makes in the casino. Commonly, 1 comp point is awarded for every $10 wagering. Those comp points can then be converted to cash. Commonly at a rate of $1 for every 100 comp points accumulated.
(Comp points also serve as a valuable tool in tracking your wager requirement (WR), that you can see how much you have wagering by the amount of comp points you have.)

Expected Value (EV)

The average profit that a player expects to earn from a given bonus.

Flat Betting

Flat betting implies betting the exact same amount on every hand you play. In other words, not varying the size of your bets.

Live Help (Live Chat)

Live Help is a convenient feature offered by a lot of casinos that allows players to chat online with customer support.

Payout %

The lower it’s Payout%, the higher is Casino edge etc. Casino profit, and vice versa.

Progressives Betting

The Progressives Betting indicate changed the amount of your bet size in order to take reclantage of the variable nature of certain software providers.

Reloads Bonus

A reload bonus is one that is Casino offered after the original sign up bonus. Please note that often times the terms of a reload bonus may vary
from the terms of the sign up bonus. In many cases, these changes are beneficial to the players.

Rogue (Blacklist)

A rogue casino is one that is not legitimate/safe to play. Casino can be deemed rogue for a number of reasons, most notably, non-payment of player winnings. If we consider a casino rogue, it will be noted in the Blacklist field of each casinos review.

Sticky Type Bonus

A Sticky Type bonus I or Non-Cashable bonus, is a bonus that can be wagering together, but it can not withdrawn. Winnings from the bonus can be cashout.
Sticky type II can be used to betting, such as sticky type I.
The main difference between these two types of casino bonus is that sticky type II will stay in your account, although after you withdrawal your winnings.
This bonus is great to assistance you to increase your chances of winning. For that reason, sticky type II bonuses are more attractive than sticky I bonuses.

Wager Requirement (WR)

Wagering Requirements – Obligations of player to wagers a certain amount in order to clear bonuses at online casinos for eligible to make cashout.
The amount of wagers required is as usual stated in terms of how many times the bonus and deposit must be wagered. For example, a $100 deposit gets a $100 bonus with a WR of 12 times the deposit plus the bonus 12x(D+B). So the player would have to wager $2,400 before they can withdrawal. Remember that all wagers, wins and losers, count towards the total amount required.

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