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Online Casino and Gambling Guidelines & Explanation

Gambling Guidelines – Tips How you start playing in online gambling sites

how you start with playing at online casino

Online Casino FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Every time Read the Casino’s Promotional Terms and Conditions

The Casino must provide a detailed Privacy policy and The Terms and Conditions of using the site. In the meantime we to try hard to keep accurate information in our casino list, some casino’s change their bonus terms and conditions often, making it hard to ensure 100% accuracy. Things to look for in the bonus terms include the percentage bonus offered, the wager requirement (WR), the maximum bonus, whether it is a Cashable Bonus or a Sticky Bonus, are there any elimination games, etc. What is quoted in the casino’s bonus terms always supersedes what is listed on Casino Poker Coins.

Check the Certificates and Licenses

Firstly you checked that has been a casino or/and poker are been the certificated and licensed. ‘Numero uno’ you have to checked in the gambling establishment whether the casino has been certified by a responsible gaming authority.

Good Game Software

A well-known gaming software producer games are to be made of. The quality of the games has to be of the highest standard. The games must be fast, graphics must be high resolution and sounds should be very realistic.

Checked if the Casino,Poker, Bingo, SportsBook, Lottery, Trading house have listed of Payment methods

The casino&poker should have a list of available payment options, like Neteller, Skrill, ECOPayz, Credit Cards, etc., and detailed
conditions on how to make a deposit and how to withdraw money.


You should check the reputation of the Online Casino among other
players. Look through reviews and at forums and comments on the work of this or that gambling room.

Understand the difference between Cashable and Sticky Type bonuses

Please see our Casino Bonus Dictionary for definitions and explanations of both.

Every time choose the game with the low available house edge (HE)

Almost all casinos ban the play of low risk bets on roulette, craps, and baccarat, while clearing the WR. Video Poker (VP) and Blackjack (BJ)
are usually the best games allowed, although some casinos even restricted the play of these games. With Blackjack a HE of usually 0.26%-0.5%, depending on the Blackjack variation played.

Choose casino with the Best Bonus

Make sure there are lots of big bonuses at the casino and poker and that regular players are awarded with comp points that can be than converted into cash.
The best casino bonuses are these with low wager requirements.
That allowing Blackjack or other low House Edge games to be played to clear the wager requirement.

Registering eMail

When you are registering it’s requirement your best suits email. That the house send you confirmation email.
At the same time you automatically get subscribe to they NewsLetters which bring you promo significant
but that NewsLetter are NOT optional and you could unsubscribe if you don’t liked or has becoming annoying.

Do a small wagers until touch the wager requirements

Majority begginers start with $2 – $3 "flat bets" (all bets are the same sum) until the wager requirement has been completed. If player wager a little over the minimum play over requirement to help dodge being taged an bonus abuser or advantage player. Towards to do small profits, and then move on to the next casino.

You will be sure that you have completed all the wagering requirements before to requesting a cashout

Mostly casinos will simply deny cashout, to your casino account if the wager requirements have not been completing.

Always contacting customer support through live chat, email, or phone, prior to cashout to verify that the wager requirements have been completed. You should not worry about this causing you to be taged a “bonus abuser”, all casinos are happy to provide this information.

Be ready to send a documentation when you’re withdraw

While the most of online Casinos do not require documentation
prior to withdraw out, there are a number of casinos that it will. Be ready
with a scaned of your passport or driver’s license or bank statement or a scaned of a
utility bill that clearly showing your name and billing
address. You have these documents saved when you’re want to withdraw out. If you are using a Credit Card, have a scaned of the front and
back of this it (cover your CVV).

  • Copy of Driver’s License or passport.
  • Copy of a utility bill (Water, gas, telephone etc.).
  • Copy of your Credit Card ( front and back – always hide the CVV when sending copies) if you made deposits using your Credit Card.

Create an spreadsheet in Excel of the casinos that you’re playing

So allows you to keep track of the casinos you’re already playing, what you have profited and/or what you’re indebted. And each casinos terms, and your username and password. If are any contradiction arise then will be these documenets very suited.

Always use the gamblink links provided at CasinoPokerCoins.com

In case you’re wondering, you can sign up by going directly to the Casinos website and finding the appropriate form. But Casino and Poker Room won’t know we are referred you. So we’ll lose out on possible commissions. In order to helping keep Casino Poker Coins a free resource, we’re ask that you support us by clicking on our casino&poker links when you’re signing on.



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