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Online Casino, Poker, SportsBook, Bingo, etc. How do I register?

How do I register?


You can register by clicking the Join Now button at the top of Betat Casino page, or by following this link: Register now

You will need to include the following information when registering:

First Name: Kindly include your full first name and middle initial here.
Last Name: Kindly include your full last name here
Birthday: Kindly include your birth day in DD/MM/YYYY format. This will be needed if you ever require a password reset.
Address: Kindly include your full house number and street address here.
City: Kindly include your City here.
Postcode: Kindly include your Postcode.
Contact Number (mobile): Please provide us with valid contact number
Username: This will be a unique username you will use to access your account.
E-mail: Kindly provide a valid e-mail address. In order to activate your account an e-mail will be sent with activation details so kindly ensure this is an e-mail address you use frequently.
Password: Please ensure that your insert a unique password consisting of at least one capital letter and one number and is at least 8 characters long.
Currency: Kindly select the currency that you will use to deposit, withdraw and play games with. It is best practice to set your currency to be the same as your banking currency.
Language: Kindly select a language that is best suited for you.
Country: Kindly include your country of residence. 

* Additional Fields such as voucher and reference code can be left empty unless you have been provided specific voucher or reference code from one of our partners or other players.
**”How do I register?”… Its basically draft  for everithing for Online Casino, for SportsBook, for Bingo, for Poker, for online Trading, for Lottery, etc on internet for registration


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