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Bingo guide for newbies

Online bingo guide for newbies

The virtual game of bingo is quite interesting. No skills, no brain racking- still it manages to keep players on the edge of their seats. It is fun, filled with suspense and of course the best part is getting hands on the prize money. It’s so simple, yet has managed to keep people entertained for years. If you are new to the world of online bingo, let us tell you, all it takes is just a matter of minutes to master this game. This beginners guide will equip you with the basics of the game.

 In bingo one thing is imperative- it’s a game of luck and you have little or no control on your winning. So whether a new player or a bingo master, chances of winning is equal in both the cases.

 Learning the basics

 Bingo can be played both online and offline (bingo halls). Playing online can be more advantageous because of high bonuses, 24/7 availablity, playing whenever and wherever you fancy, chat rooms and so much more. The other day I found this site GameVillage Bingo. The site is so much unique with their very own forum, radio station, unique set of games, great bonuses and so much more. These are few things one misses out on when they play at bingo halls.

 When a player registers at bingo sites, most of them offer either Welcome Bonuses or No Deposit Bonuses or both.

 There are two most popular bingo variations: 75-ball (American) and 90-ball (British). No matter which version you settle down for, all the variations have one common rule i.e. there’s always a bingo caller, numbers are marked known as daubing and in the end there is a winner.

 In online bingo, one doesn’t need to daub as the software does the automatic daubing. Players can sit back, relax and chat with the fellow roomies while keeping an eye on the full house call. As a beginner, it is suggested not to rush. Buy perhaps one ticket or try a game for free so that you get into the swing of things.

 How to win?

 To start a game of bingo, one needs to purchase bingo cards. Once the cards are bought and the game begins, the caller starts calling out bingo numbers randomly. When a number matches the numbers on a player’s card, it gets daubed automatically.

 In 90-ball bingo, the aim is to get one, tow or three horizontal lines covered. Whilst in 75-ball, the player’s aim is to cover all the numbers. The first one to finish shouts out “BINGO”.

When a player shouts out bingo, he/ she is telling the bingo caller that they’ve all the right combinations. The caller then verifies. However, in online bingo, you don’t necessarily need to shout out bingo as everything is automatic. Should there be more than one player, the prize money is equally distributed.

 Our love for technology has led to increase in the number of bingo sites. Choose your bingo site carefully. Don’t be caried away by the flashy websites and luring offers. Go through portal and player reviews for the site you wish to play in. Only then will you be able to enjoy the game in all its glory.

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