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BlackJack Card Strategy | Guide to win casino

BlackJack Card Strategy | Guide to win casino

BlackJack Card Strategy
euro coin Introducing BlackJack card game

BlackJack Card is at first glance a very simple game. Your goal is to have a total sum of your cards greater than the sum of the cards the dealer, provided that the sum does not exceed twenty-first. As is the 11 or 1 (depending on what best suits for you), King, Queen and Boy are 10, other cards are numbered anyway. As with other games, it also has the odds at blackjack casino (the dealer) the reclantage to draw cards after you and he knows what he is sufficient. Everything you at the beginning shows is the 2 your cards and one card of the dealer. That which is given to you is must you need the maximum benefit. You alone are decide when to draw the card and when not to. But by what principle you must decide? When you know that it is necessary to draw a card and when to double the bet, when not to draw cards ……?

This issue is dedicated to many people and published the results of research which took place after a number of casinos worldwide. It is a table (instruction), which shows how to react according to the cards you have in hand and what cards is given the dealer.
Most casinos have nothing against, if a player table print and bring it with you. Mentioned table free of charge from here.   

BlackJack Card Strategy


  • |“H”| Hit – Drawn card
  • |“S”| Stand – Not drawn card
  • |“D”| Double card – duble your wager
  • |“X”| Split card – divide your two cards and play on each
BlackJack Card System table


  • Always hit all point totals less than 8
  • Always stay on “hard”* totals 17 or more
  • Always stay on “soft”** totals of 19 or more

* Hard totals are those hands that do not include an Ace which is being counted as 11.

** Soft totals are those hands in which an Ace is being counted as 11.

A few example situations

Example #1:

You are dealt a King and a 5, with the dealer showing a 7. Your hand equals 15, against a dealers 7, therefore you Hit.

Example #2:

You are dealt a 7 and a 2, and the dealer is showing a 4. 9 versus a 4 says to Double Down. When you double down, you only get one card, and cannot hit again regardless of the card received.

Example #3:

You are dealt a Queen and a 2, with the dealer showing a 9. 12 against a 9, so you hit. Let’s say that next card is a 4. You now have 16 against a 9, so you hit again.

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