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The Casino Whoring Strategy


Casino bonus whoring: this expression came about when male players/patrons of land based casinos would pay prostitutes with casino chips to meet them in a private location (usually the bathroom). Often, these prostitutes would take the money and run, and thus not fulfil their side of the deal.
Translated into modern online casino scenarios, players who make use of the casino whoring strategy are able to earn money by playing out Welcome Bonuses. These players are usually called Bonus Hunters or Bonus Baggers.
In most cases, Bonus Hunters prefer to play with cashable bonuses. A cashable bonus is when a player has received a welcome bonus, met the wagering requirements (or wagered through the bonus) and is able to keep the bonus afterwards.
A non-cashable bonus is when the player has wagered through the bonus but is not able to keep the bonus afterwards. Skilled Bonus Hunters are still able to make a profit from non-cashable bonuses at top casinos.
To learn more about Wagering Requirements, feel free to take a look at the video below:
*Wagering Requirements WR – by C-Rewards
In short, what the above video explains is the following…
When choosing a casino which has a Welcome Bonus / Sign Up Bonus of 100% up to $100, the casino will match your deposit by 100%, giving you a total balance of $200. Essentially, the casino has doubled your deposit. As a player, you’ll have to wager through the balance (meet the wagering requirements) of 30 times** the bonus before you’ll be able to cash out any winnings. Whether you’re losing or winning, you’ll be contributing to the Wagering Requirement.
The formula for this is as follows:
· (Bonus + Deposit) X 30 = Wagering Requirement, or
· ($100 + $100) X 30 = $6.000
** For each casino, different types of games have different amounts of Wagering Requirements. Ex: Slots could have a Wagering Requirement of x30 where Table Games like Roulette and Blackjack could have Wagering Requirement of x45.
Be sure to read the Casino Rules or Terms and Conditions carefully before making your first deposit, to prevent any disappointment. Also, take special care to read what Wagering Requirements are attributed to each of the different types of games as each casino has sets different requirements, depending on the game.
In most cases, Bonus Hunters or even new players prefer to play Blackjack when it comes to playing through their Wagering Requirements. The reason for this is Blackjack is a game where players have more of a chance to affect the outcome, thus increase their winning chances and achieving the Casino Whore title by cashing in on their payouts. Try using our Blackjack Strategy.
Even though most casinos differ, many are also the same when setting Wagering Requirements on certain games.
Slots and Scratch Cards usually have a Wagering Requirement of 100%. That means if you place a bet of $1 on a Slots or Scratch Card game, the casino will attribute $1 as play-through on your Wagering Requirement.
Blackjack usually has a 20% Wagering Requirement, which means for a $1 bet placed, you’ll only have played-through $0.20 of your Wagering Requirement.
As a player, your chances of getting through your Wagering Requirement is far greater on Slots or Scratch Cards, however, because you have more control of the outcome in Blackjack, you stand a better chance of winning.
Payout Ratios
Most casinos have set the following Payout Ratio (a.k.a Casino’s Edge) to the following percentages on each specific game. The Payout Ratio or Casino/House’s Edge is defined as the casino profit expressed as a percentage ratio to the player’s original bet.
· Blackjack – below 0.5%
· Slots – between 2% and 15%
· Roulette – 2.7% (Single Zero) & 5.26% (Double Zero)
· Baccarat – 1.24% (Against Other Player) & 1.06% (Against Casino)
· Craps – between 1.4% – 17%
· Keno – up to 25%
· Video Poker – up to 0.46%
Payout Ratios vs Bonuses
A bonus of 100% match on a deposit of $100 will give you a total balance of $200. With a Wagering Requirement set at $6,000. If you chose to play Blackjack, the House’s Edge will be 0.5% of $6,000:
$6,000 x 0.5% = $30
This means your expected loss would be around $30.
On a deposit of $100, your profit will be $85 when you’re playing Blackjack. This means $100 deposit + $85 = $185
If you were to choose Slots and make a deposit of $100 and receive the same 100% match bonus, giving you a total of $200, the casino will take up to $50: $100 deposit + $50 profit = $150
Conclusion and Tips
· Place low wagering amounts
· Do not resize your wager if you start losing
· After withdrawing your casino bonus (once you’ve completed the Wagering Requirements) chose another casino and sign up for their Welcome Bonus. Some casinos even have daily, weekly and monthly Reload Bonuses which you can also take up.
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Logo Casino Bonus WR
Review Play
888 Casino 888 Casino 100% up to €140/$200 20x (B+D)
Review Play
AllJackpot Casino All Jackpots Casino 100% up to $200 30x B
Review Play
All Slots Casino All Slots Casino 100% up to $200 30x B
Review Play
Bet365 Casino Bet365 Casino 100$ up to $200 20x (B+D)
Review Play
betat casino BETAT Casino 100% up to €$£ 500 30x B
Review Play
Bodog online Casino Bodog Casino 100% up to $600 25x (B+D)
Review Play-»
Bovada Casino Bovada Casino Accept USA Players 100% up to $ 1,000 25x (B+D)
Review Play
Mansion Casino Mansion Casino 100% up to €/$/£ 500 40x B
Review Play
Party Casino Party Casino 100% up to $100 100x B
Review Play
Total 10



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