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Nigel Farage Celebrate Status: Ubiquitous, unfortunately

nigel farage celebrate status

Nigel Paul Farage Age: 52 years Profession: Xenophobe Nigel Farage Celebrate  Status: Ubiquitous, unfortunately Famous For: Drinking beer and smoking fags, being deeply suspicious of Johnny Foreigner, getting the UK out of the EU, being Donald J. Trump’s BFF (best friend bucket), leading then not leading but still leading (but …

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Miley Cyrus Celebrate Status: Ball wrecker

miley cyrus celebrate status

Miley Ray Cyrus Age: 24 years Profession: Pop Icon Miley Cyrus Celebrate Status: Ball wrecker Famous For: Swinging on demolition armament, introducing twerking to the masses, wearing most tiny bit clothes, going from common Hannah Montana teen idol to controversial pansexual Lolita-style pop icon, Cyrus is married to no one. …

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Rihanna Celebrate Status: Epic

Rihanna Celebrate Status

Robyn Rihanna Fenty Age: 28 years Profession: Being Rihanna Rihanna Celebrate Status: Epic Famous For: Being Beyonce’s stunt double, a social networking queen, an on&off relationship with Drake Graham, a violent relationship with Chris Brown, all the time keeping out the rain with her umbrella-ella-ella-ella, one of the sexiest women …

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Kanye West Celebrate status: Red Hot

kanye west celebrate status red hot

Kanye Omar West Age: 39 years Profession: Musician American rapper Kanye West Celebrate status: Red HOT Famous for: Sold 30 million downloads, 18 Grammys, 5 platinum albums, interrupted Taylor Swift in the 2009 MTV Video-Music Awards and he’s married to selfies queen ‘Kim Kardashian’. NOMINATED GAME: BLACKJACK To someone, he’s …

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Donald Trump Celebrate Status: Ginormous… Bigly… Yugo

Trump Celebrate Status

Donald John Trump Age: 70 years Profession: President of US Trump Celebrate Status: Ginormous… Bigly… Yugo Famous For: Grabbing inappropriately, going bankrupt lot of times, being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, dislikes Mexican immigrants, sneering disabled journalists, promising to make United States  great again, winning the 2016 presidential …

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