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Trump Celebrate Status

Donald Trump Celebrate Status: Ginormous… Bigly… Yugo

Donald John Trump

Age: 70 years
Profession: President of US

Trump Celebrate Status: Ginormous… Bigly… Yugo

Famous For: Grabbing inappropriately, going bankrupt lot of times, being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, dislikes Mexican immigrants, sneering disabled journalists, promising to make United States  great again, winning the 2016 presidential election, being the colour of a cheesy Wotsit, having hair like a Shredded Wheat, married to immigrant Melania Trump (born Melanija Knavs)


The Donald is all that mater. Pollsters, pundits, providers of political wisdom, and cherish of over-confident Hillary fans, were left with egg-covered faces following the shock results of the Presidential election 2016. Trump’s campaign incitation the flames of prejudice but appealed to a massive swaddling of the US electorate.

Ignored, sidelined, jobless, and poor, these disgruntled voters hate Hillary with a vengeance and believe that New York’s finest would lead them to a Norman Rockwell infused nirvana, where the apple pie is sweet, the picket fences are white, and the star spangled banner waves o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

One thing is undisputed true about Trump: he loves to gamble. Although, it is normally with other people’s money, the Donald he loves a punt. From average-mail order steaks to bogus real estate universities, Trump has risked chips on a variety of shaky and successful ventures.

Trump even spun the reels on the casino business, when he invested quite a lot in various Atlantic City Casinos. Trump Entertainment Resorts was set up by the President election in the early 1980’s. By 2014, the group had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection four times. Trump escaped the financial meltdown with some curved accounting.

Trump Casino Taj Mahal

Four Reasons Why The Slots are Perfect for Donald Trump

  1. Donald J. Trump is too busy to handle with rules – only hit the button and spin the reels
  2. Slots are big players in Las Vegas, accounting for more than 2/3rd of the city’ total gaming revenue
  3. There is a Las Vegas slot machine named the Apprentice that features Mr. Trump
  4. He is 70. Slots are a huge hit with Old Age Pensioners


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