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Mobile Gambling on the rise

For many years gambling had remained unchanged, with bookmakers and casinos readily available for people to visit and enjoy. In recent years, casinos have developed into 24hour hubs of activity with people visiting and playing at all hours and this has steadily become the norm. This has more than likely developed thorough the growing number of people working at all hours of the day and night, an increased number shift workers and the development of the 24 hour society that has come to define the way we live in this modern age.

Methods of gambling have progressed extremely quickly during the 21st Century and with the rise in popularity of gambling and card games such as poker, there has been an exponential increase in the number of players too. The spread of high-end communication technology has also been a deciding factor with desktop computers and laptops making way for mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets. Consequently, the casinos have had to keep up and they now offer the facility for gambling on-the-go known simply as mobile gambling.

With the increased popularity of next-generation technology, people are easily able to set up an account with a log in name and password, link it directly to their bank account and play against other enthusiasts around the world at any time and from any place. Reports by Ofcom have shown that around 44% of people in the European Union own a smartphone device and so, provided an internet connection is available, millions of people have access to this pastime. Not only this, online casinos have developed from simple gambling platforms and have become places to socialise and hang out with people that have similar interests regardless of where you are and at what time.

With the rapid progression in the capabilities of mobile technology, the expansion of the mobile app industry and the availability of high-speed mobile internet the mobile gambling industry has taken off in a huge way in recent years with mobile gambling now accounting for over $5 billion with sports betting accounting for around 74% of that figure and casinos making up the vast majority of the rest of that figure. With gambling becoming a much more widely accessible recreation, even those who previously would never have gone into a casino, are able entertain themselves during their daily commute or to sit comfortably at home and take advantage of the accessibility of online gambling. You can find further information about online and mobile gaming on www.online-live-casinos.com/

Online gambling is growing in popularity each year and it is highly likely to increase massively in future with predictions pertaining to an enormous rise in player population. Since technology will only improve, the interaction in between other gamers and casinos is also likely to become more and more enjoyable and easy to discover. The number of gambling websites is also increasing with some of the biggest and best ones having over 8 million subscribers! This all points to a meteoric rise in mobile gaming and the potential for enormous amounts of money changing hands by the hour. It is reported to be one of the biggest industries of 2012 and this is a trend that is almost definitely going to continue into 2013 and onwards.

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