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nigel farage celebrate status

Nigel Farage Celebrate Status: Ubiquitous, unfortunately

Nigel Paul Farage

Age: 52 years
Profession: Xenophobe

Nigel Farage Celebrate  Status: Ubiquitous, unfortunately

Famous For: Drinking beer and smoking fags, being deeply suspicious of Johnny Foreigner, getting the UK out of the EU, being Donald J. Trump’s BFF (best friend bucket), leading then not leading but still leading (but not really) UKIP, saving £350 million for the NHS (not), being discourteous to EU MPs, married with Kirsten Mehr.


Pity, no one is making plans for Nigel. This means that the former city trader has far too much time on his hands and likes to consume it rocking the European boat. 2016 has been a red letter year for Mr. Farage. His ability to stoke fear about immigrants, and promise a life-saving cash injection for the NHS, helped persuade enough people to vote for a Brexit.

Nigel probably sees himself as a dashing, well-tailored, hero leading his nation to safety; a suave, debonair, gentleman working on behalf of her majesty: a modern day James Bond. This’s why we are sitting Nigel at the baccarat table.

Ian Fleming’s James Bond smoked 70 cigarettes a day. Nigel definitely loves to chuff a fag. J.Bond is partial to a dry martini – Farage is content to sup down a pint of ale. J.Bond has survived innumerable close shaves and dangerous situations. Farage has survived a serious car accident, testicle cancer, and a airplane crash. You perhaps not agree with his politics but Nigel is definitely a fighter… and a very good one, based on recent form.

Not content with lead a way the UK into uncharted waters, Nigel also most publicly waved the flag for his U.S.-based kindred spirit and He-Man lookalike: the D.Trumpster. As the rest of the planet looked on and chortled, wiser exhortation remembered the shock of Brexit and put a tenner on Nigel’s tip for the U.S. election. Farage was right again and has now earned a place on Trump’s quick dial BFF list.

Farage is now being tipped for a lordship or knighthood. As the world glides towards a hate-fuelled right-wing morass, Nigel can take great pride in being one of the architects of this global lurch to the dark side.

4 Reasons Why Nigel Farage is A Natural Born Baccarat Player

  1. Like the game of baccarat, Farage’s ancestor is French
  2. Nigel is comfy around bankers
  3. Baccarat is comprehend as a card game for The High Society
  4. The numbers go only as high as nine – you will never get to £350 million


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