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Play Blackjack at 35,000ft!!!!

Play Blackjack at 35,000ft!!!!

‘Ladies and gentlemen… this is your captain speaking… we are presently cruising at 35,000ft and also the blackjack tables are open. Minimum bet $1. Speak to your on board croupier for additional information…’

Cruise ship casinos and gambling on the seven seas is as fashionable as ever and prompts the apparent question: why can’t you gamble on a plane?

The truth is: the construct has been around for an extended time. Singapore Airlines covered with light-weight slot machines between the aisles in 1981 – an experiment that lasted solely 2 months.

Swissair conjointly had an in-flight entertainment system that enabled travelers to gamble up to $350, and Virgin’s Richard Branson remains seriously considering it. He famously said: “Now, you’ll have 2 ways in which to induce lucky on a Virgin flight.”

We suspect the in-flight casino is simply round the corner and landing shortly. Here are five reasons why we predict roulette, blackjack, and craps at 35,000ft is a banker.

#1. Planes simply Got (a lot) Bigger

play blackjack at 35,000ftHave you flown in an Airbus A380? These double-decker airborne behemoths beggar belief and there’s enough room on board for a totally staffed Las Vegas casino – complete with showgirls, cocktail bar, and guest appearance from Tony Bennett.

#2. Airborne Gambling is Nothing New…

If you’ve ever flown a budget airline like Ryanair or Easyjet, you have most likely been offered a scratchcard. Ryanair’s ‘Fly to Win’ scratchcards price €2 every and there are varied prizes up for grabs. Unless you eat it.

It’s additionally value declaring that many of airlines currently have in-flight wifi. This implies you’ll already log onto your favourite on-line casino – whenever you want!

#3. It’ll Be Sexy


French aviation designers Jean Pierre-Alfano and Frederique Houssard have already designed the high altitude casino lounge of the future and it’s gorgeous. The lounge has a 1960s James Bond retro feel and puts the glamour into gaming. It’s good… extremely good…

#4. Turbulence

Roulette won’t be the primary selection for the in-flight casino however turbulence is unquestionably progressing to spice up the action. Simply imagine: the wheel is spinning, the ball lands on the number next to yours. Suddenly the plane lurches, and the also ball jumps into your number. Result!

#5. Cheaper Flights

Gambling is a great source of revenue and will be some way for airlines to offer travellers reduced fares. Each sq. in. of space on a passenger jet has to be thought-about as a potential generator of revenue.

They can either stick a number of additional seats in or – take the gamble and gamble. We live in a red button world these days thus it’s extremely likely that the gamble choice is maybe coming to an airline near you shortly. Wheels up, chips down…


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