According to the Gambling Act of 2005, all UK casinos are licensed by the Gambling Commission and are expected to:

  • Avoid gambling as a source of crime or nuisance;
  • Make sure that games are played honestly and openly. and
  • Protect children and other people against abuse or exploitation.

All licensed casino operators fully support these goals and strive to provide a clear and open way so that the rules are clear. The Gaming Commission also requires that the casinos have detailed internal negotiation procedures to ensure that all games are properly supervised.

The rules of each game must be available in all casino facilities, which is usually achieved in the form of the “How to Play” brochure. In addition, information about “House Edge” must be provided to a particular casino.

Although this site offers the basic rules of every game, along with the game. However, the “How to Play” booklets are always important changes or are shown in the relevant tables. It is recommended that players familiarize themselves with the rules of a game and check the specific inequities paid in the casino before they start playing.


The procedure described on this website offers new games, parallels and variations in casinos in the United Kingdom by casinos with an operating license issued by the betting committee, provided that:

The game meets the objectives of the 2005 game law in providing fair, open and fair games, does not include vulnerabilities and is provided by a prominent service provider who pursues the goal of maintaining a non-criminal game;

Internal negotiation procedures have been established to ensure that staff can handle the game properly;

“Directionto Play” is presented in the casino as a result that the instructions can be openlyagreed;

Verified information is obtained independently from Edge’s home, just like a casino;

The basic rules are details of the game provider.

In order to submit a new game, side bet or variation in the UK, the inventors/suppliers must first convince the casino operator who has been licensed from the UK to install the product in one of their UK facilities and in accordance with the above criteria. No game will be placed on this website if it is sent directly by the game seller or inventor. Games will be added to this site, where the information is provided by the casino operator licensed in the UK using the provided templates.

Inventors or suppliers can facilitate this process by giving them access to information and dealing with generic negotiation procedures.

All casino operators in the United Kingdom are responsible for reporting the details of all games and side bets that are available in a casino facility (permanent or trial version) and displayed on this website.

To add new game details to the site, the template must be completed and sent to the National Casino Forum (contact details below). (Details of games already displayed on the site can be used as a guide to the required type and level of details). You must be notified for the game or secondary bets. Contact www.casinopokercoin.com for more information on casino games.

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