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Poker Strategy | Guide to win poker

Poker Strategy

Here we can not give to you the specific strategies?!

Because unlike the roulette and blackjack where the game are only mathematics and there is a probability.

Do NOT become crazy!! This is not at all Poker strategy.

It’s just one part of a poker game. If you lose with better hand or when a tremendous player show-up with cards that a commonly person would folded a long time ago.

The best advice to trying and to persisting playing cool as knife-edged.

The poker game are bluffing, nerves and to score various opportunities.
It’s mostly with great skills and to turn other mistakes of your opponent for its own benefit and of course lucky… and practice, practice, and again practice.

PS: Don’t forget to put on Poker Face.

Get you back in the game

Rebuy’s mean more chances to land the pot

It’s come to my attention that a lot of players don’t know about our rebuy tournaments. They’re an excellent way to get a second shot at the pot when you’re bumped out early.

 When you sign up to a rebuy tournament and end up losing all their chips, you automatically get the option to buy-in again for a fresh chip stack, as long as late registration is still open. It’s that easy, you just need to find rebuy tournaments in the lobby and play.’

Poker School&Tips

Poker School Online

888 Poker -> How to Play Poker

Titan Poker -> Games – How to Play Poker

Poker record keeping in Excel SpreadSheet

What to record?

  • Date
  • Hours
  • Limit (Low/High)
  • Total buy-in amount (including all cap-ups and rebuys)
  • Total cash-out amount

If you would record more details,

  • Location
  • Variant
  • Numbers of players at the table
  • Day of the week
  • Time of day
  • Mood

Excel SpreadSheet – Free Download

William Hill
William Hill



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