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Low Middle High system | Roulette Strategy

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European roulette winning strategy:
Low – Middle – High System

Roulette low middle high system

System are based on High- Middle – Low system model bets. Specification is on a bets on one third.

On table are three partition, on which player will bet, High, Middle or Low partition. The same as is introduction on imige above. Each partition has contein beting on 12 numbers, name is DOZEN, together 3 x 12, which are 36 numbers.

If player bet on low partition, player with what so ever numbers from 1 to 12 will player win.

If player bet on middle partition, player with what so ever numbers from 13 to 24 will player win.

If player bet on high partition, player with what so ever numbers from 25 to 36 will player win.

If player will normal bet on that partitions, are posibility to win cca 1:3 which means that, player will average to win at least on one to three spins of the roulette. But with right to use that system, player its easily to increase this chance in to your advantage that how will be enaugh yet one win from 16 spins. Roules posibility they say that the player will win atmost 4 win from among thos 16 spins.

Strategy “Low-Middle-High System”

1. At spins roulette player must find specific line of numbers which drops. Player must find sequence drops. When one from among sequence number High, Middle or Low partition that are not appear in last 5 spins roulette (spins of roulette when last 5 spins not to trace that defined
range not droped). Until that moment player don’t bet. Let me that explain in
Example, if roulette spins fifth times and only numbers from 1 – 24, then this is means that numbers in HIGH are not drop in last 5 spins of roulette.

2. Posibility that one of numbers will not drop in last 16 spins (examples 25 – 36 – HIGH partitions) is in 32,34%. This means is time the player bet on High partition.

3. When not drop series last 5 numbers, player start to bet with 1 $/€ at table below and player are rasing up to maxum bet, until player win. When player to win, the player start all over again. This mean, when serial spin roulette the last 5 numbers not drops.

4. If droped numbers is zero 0, the number 0 treating like a nothing, you bet one ‘step’ higher on the table, which is below.

I. Table
Low Middle High Table1

At this table player bet minumum 140 unit. (140 € or $, or £, or cent, or…)

II. Table

At this table player bet minimum 200 unit. Posibility to earn are increased.
in this table is at the Step 2. instantly we bet 2 chips..indeed we have better chance to earn more then at the table about but at the first table we are bets safely to not run out of money e.i. chips!


Spreadsheet of the Roulette System L_M_H.pdf is empty table the Player can to writte his own results.

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