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Slot machine
Slot machine
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In the 19th century where a poker card game was dominating, Charles Fey from San Francisco, California has decided to make a gambling mechanism which was capable of making an automatic payouts for every winning combination. They were also known as fruit machine in Great Britain, the slots in Canada, poker machine or pokies in Australia or just simply a slot machine in the United States of America.
It is the most simple game with a big winning possibility ever made by and for human being. There are three or five reels with a total of five to eight symbols (depends by manufacturer) and all you have to do is pull the lever and if all the symbols are matched, you win a specific price depending on what those symbols are worth.

For example:
There are three reels with five symbols – 1st horseshoe(50 cents), 2nd heart(1 dollar), 3rd clover(10 dollars), 4th cherry(100 dollars) and 5th a ”bar” sign(1000 dollars).

So the horseshoe is the smallest price and the bar sign is the biggest.

Now, all you have to do is pull a lever or push the button and the three reels spin around until they stop. If all the three reels has stopped at the horseshoe, well, you just won 50 cents (or gained your money back from putting it in the slot machine). But if they are all different, you lose! You must match all the symbols!
There are so many various machines with different style like more or less symbols or combinations. You can find slots anywhere on the world. Bars, casinos and now online including Progressive Slots, Classic Slots, Branded Slots and Custom Slots!

*At slots Progressive Jackpot play always fot the maximum!!

Nowadays, most of the casinos have a club card instead of inserting coins and you can also play on two or more machines to double or triple your luck!
There are no rules, no strategy or whatsoever, the only struggle is to quit playing and having fun times.

Even though you ran out of money you can easily gain it back or even triple it =)

Slots are “Big In” because you can win Big for a small sum…and not forget Slot is funny entertainment.



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