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Sports Betting Strategy



The way that I’m going to reveal the system, how can the minimum initial
input (eg. € 10) and some knowledge, as well as luck, get to the large amounts of
money. Do not panic now that you know you’ll need to make some money. The
input can be very, very small (a € 1), but I gave as an example of € 10.
Let me say also that this system is not 100% you get, this is just a strategy gameplay but
when you defeat brings only small losses (€ 10 respectively. € 1 – Initial Investment).
Method is based on sports betting. I suspect that the vast majority knows about
betting a lot, maybe even a lot more of myself, but to
emphasize that I want you to explain one way of many to play them,
which also apply to other people and I do not want you to philosophise about playing bets. this is
is a matter of each individual.
Now, however, wondering just why I’m going to say this system. In the first place, this
system used by other betting enthusiasts around the world, and second, because
to the fact that this system also considers bring good results.

Way to get from € 10 TO € 2,000 and more

First, to once again say that the way that I’m going to reveal a system, how can
The minimum initial input (eg. € 10) and some knowledge, as well as luck, get to the large
sums of money. This is not putting money in your hand, this is the only strategy gameplay that can bring you large sums of money, but if it occurs defeat, but this brings only small losses (€ 10 respectively. € 1 – initial invested money).

Let’s see
We will play as we are shown below:

1. Bet: 10 € Win: 20 € On to Account: 0 € Rest: 20 €
2. Bet: 20 € Win: 40 € On to Account: 8 € Rest: 32 €
3. Bet: 32 € Win: 64 € On to Account: 14 € Rest: 50 €
4. Bet: 50 € Win: 100 € On to Account: 20 € Rest: 80 €
5. Bet: 80 € Win: 160 € On to Account: 32 € Rest: 128 €
6. Bet: 128 € Win: 256 € On to Account: 51 € Rest: 205 €
7. Bet: 205 € Win: 410 € On to Account: 82 € Rest: 328 €
8. Bet: 328 € Win: 656 € On to Account: 131 € Rest: 525 €
9. Bet: 525 € Win: 1050 € On to Account: 210 € Rest: 840 €
10. Bet: 840€ Win: 1680 €    
Sum: Win: 1.680 € + Account: 548 € = 2.228 €


Let’s turn. First, you are provided with the betting total quota of around 2. This system is designed so that each time exhibiting, bet quota exactly “2”. Then we pay the ticket and load € 10. If this ticket is obtained (all matches strike), then we get € 20 (if the quota 2). In the first betting nothing we do not give money away, but all bets again, following the same procedure. Select a few games, which is the total quota of 2 (about 2) and when we get betting, get € 40. Then, out of the 40 € aside (placed in the cash register) 20%. This amounts of € 8. So we are left with € 32 which once again bet on the next ticket. This again we do the same the process further. Whenever there is obtained, and the yield of 20% is taken away and placed in the cash register. When it hits ten times in a row or. when we come to the end of the picture above, the yield was already € 1,680. If we add the amount of cash registers give a total amount of € 2,228. This is in my opinion quite a nice sum of money. I guess you know why we are investing money in the cash register and what will happen if we lose and do not strike slip ??? Well, that I will explain below.

Attention: Once your winnings on the slip greater than € 300, then you will be able to deduct from your winnings
tax. So my advice to betting slip divide it into two slip. For example, if we have
pay € 205, then pay the same bet again € 100 and € 105 for the second time. The yield of the two together will be paid the same as just a one-time sum (€ 205). The difference is only that you in payment of two tickets to keep all the money, as you gain will not exceed € 300 (tax). When a single paid (€ 205), it would lose money from the tax (which is not so little).

What will be, if not accidentally hit the ticket ??? It is so. The first few bets should get, because then you can start to invest money in the cash register. In this cashier that a “point” of this strategy.
Let’s see in the image below.


If, for example, does not hit bet at 7. betting, then we still on cash register at this moment for € 125. So we go back 2 steps back and our strategy to continue.
ALSO NOTE that, If you happen to get to the large amounts (eg. You’re already at 7. betting) and then all bets are lost, you know, you lose only initial invest money (in our case, € 10). This is because the rest of what you invest in bets were your winnings, your plus.

I’m in this system you describe how it is If you start with € 10. Different way If this is your decision with how much money you are invested to beginning. If you do not want to start with such a large money, then you can start with € 1. If however, who dare to invest more, it can starting with more money. The process is always the same.

WHAT IS GOOD FOR THIS SYSTEM … is that the system can be continued for longer than I have to show me and you in this short? Time increase the stacks of money. The process is always the same. And second, this system you can always use it. Again and again and again.

I know that you will succeed!


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