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Sunday Sale strikes 888poker

The Sunday Sale strikes! | 888poker’s Weekly Deal

The Sunday Sale strikes!

Huge fields, BIG prize-pools and plenty of action-packed poker!


THIS WEEK: Feb 27th 2017

UK’s “Tom38x” was this Sunday’s biggest winner, taking home an incredible $30,706! An unbelievable return on a mere $109 investment.

A record breaking 1,818 players joined the Mega-Deep tournament for just $109 – less than half the regular entry buy-in!

The huge number of entries smashed the guaranteed prize-pool which reached a whopping $181,800, generating a $30,000 1st prize.


The popular Mega-deep Tournament offered a 20 minute blind level in a freeze-out structure, reminding us all how awesome “classic” poker is.

Another tourney to look out for from yesterday was the High-Stakes Baby-Whale.

A buy-in of just $320 allowed players to enter the tournament and compete for over $21,500!

           Mega-Deep Final 9                           Baby-Whale Final 9


  • Sunday Sale Crocodile – The $80 buy-in was one serious investment for Germany’s xxmkayxx, who took home over $17,000!

The enormous prize-pool was created from almost 1,500 players.

The prizes were settled in HU, when “xxmkayxx” and “SMVD1” reached a deal, splitting the wealth.


Sunday Crocodile Final 9


  • Sunday Challenge– A $50 entry was worth $17,761 for Russia’s “Crazy_Freak”.

The popular tournament drew in 1,551 players who rebought a total of 502 times.


    Sunday Challenge Final 9

  • Mini Mega-Deep– Close to 2,000 entries and rebuys were made, creating a staggering $38,980  prize-pool.

When getting down to heads-up, we saw Canada’s “omgjefmonier” strike a deal with “klauniq”, which secured them both over $5,000.


Mini Mega-Deep Final 9


What to watch out for this week:

Jackpotland is officially in town!

Look out for our daily $3,000 tournaments and play to win a share of $100,000 EVERY DAY!

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